The Soundtrack

Am I the only one whose dreams have a soundtrack?

Yeah, it’s weird. As far as I can remember, it’s usually only one song, a different song every night. The song seems to have nothing to do with the dream, and it sticks in my head for the rest of the day.

My dreams are always strange. They’re a menagerie of different snippets of stories.

I do go through phases when I don’t dream, or I don’t remember my dreams, for months at a time. And then suddenly, I’m transported to all sorts of LSD-esque worlds with color and sound and plots and characters. They have a pattern usually. There is the “main dream” which tends to begin with a clear problem and follows itself out to a resolution, and then there are snippets of other stories and ideas and conversations, completely unrelated to one another, that follow the main dream.

More often than not, I can bet the farm that at some point during the night there is going to be some dystopian sci-fi and/or space travelling adventure going on.

A lot of it makes sense to me, even after I wake up, but it’s hard to explain to other people, so I just don’t. Last night, the sci-fi dream had something to do with two different planets, each primitive and advanced in their own different ways. One planet got a hole in it. No, really. It just got a hole in it. So, all the people from that planet had to go to the other one while the hole was being repaired. Once the hole was repaired, all of its people came home, but because they’d stayed on the other planet so long, they’d made friends there. So, unlike before when each planet tended to leave the other alone, now there was a lot of travel back and forth by friends visiting one another. All that sounds great, but I remember feeling a bit sad because now, a little bit of each planet’s culture meshed, as it naturally would when two cultures spend a good deal of time with one another. I was sad because I felt like neither planet was “pure” anymore.

Because I’m always the watcher, never a participant, I just see the whole thing play out as though I’m watching television. And I just thought to myself, “things will never be the same again.” On the planets, that is. I don’t know why that made me sad. There isn’t anything wrong with cultures blending or rubbing off on one another. I guess part of me thought there was.

But none of that has anything to do with the soundtrack. Or the song, I suppose would be the better word. Because there is usually only one that I can remember. And I really need to start writing this stuff down because some of it is really story-worthy shit.

I remember listening to this song when I was a little girl and always giggling to myself when he sang “rollin’ like thunder, under the covers.” I was a precocious little fiddler.


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